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The Flag Shop Magento Build

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  • Logo Design
  • Competitor Research & data Analysis
  • New Navigation Sitemap
  • Wireframes and Protoype
  • Visual Design Proofs
  • Front end HTML & CSS Build

The Original Website

Their old website looked old and dated and was not converting.

The Sitemap

The first stage was to create a new navigation structure that gave a user an easy route to find the products they were looking for.

The Wireframe

Based on all the data collected I then created a wireframe layout for each page.

Logo Design

The logo was in need of modernisation and after choosing the colour scheme of blue and red I created a logo using the letters F and S for 'The Flag Shop' to incorporate the image of a flag.

The Homepage

many of his customers were coming to the homepage to it was important to cover all angles allowing a user to choose by 'Flag Type' aswell as by category. As the euros are a huge peak in sales for this customer I placed a banner in the main section of the homepage. In this section I also included the top categories from his analytics data.

Category Page

His old site didn't use product filtering but because he has such a large range of products this was essential.

Product Page

I helped him to create new product images as his old once did not work cohesively as a set. I also included bulk discounts as this is a great way to increase average order values and people are likely to buy more than one product.


He was not using a blog at all previously but including this in his design has allowed him to become more proactive engaging with customers by providing them with up to date content they can share and more importantly increase traffic to his website.

Suggested Search

With his old site I found that many customers were not finding the products they were searching for due to spelling errors so by itroducing the suggested search it has vastly improved this.

The Final Results

I have seen a large increase in sales and average order value since his new website has gone live. The customer journey has improved dramatically and there has been great feedback from company director aswell as the customers!

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