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The Flag Shop Magento Build

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  • Competitor Research & data Analysis
  • New Navigation Sitemap
  • Wireframes and Protoype
  • Visual Design Proofs
  • Front end HTML & CSS Build

The Original Website

Their old website looked old and dated and was not converting.

The Sitemap

The first stage was to create a new navigation structure that gave a user an easy route to find the products they were looking for.

The Wireframe

Based on all the data collected I then created a wireframe layout for each page.

The Homepage

Many customers were ringing up on the telephone due to the information not being visible and lack of trust signals. I added trust signals such as testimonials and contact details large in the header section. I also included the top categories as promos aswell as a brand slider with the top brands apperaring first.

Category Page

His old site didn't use product filtering but because he has such a large range of products this was essential.

Product Page

The client wanted to bundle multiple products together and offer a discount so I created a layout that would stand out but not be too instrusive when a customer landed on the product page.

Quick View

The quick view modal lets a customer purchase a prodcut without navigating from the page they are currently on.

Top brands in dropdown menu

The top selling brands from the analytics data are placed using images so they stand out with the less important brands on a list format.

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