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Studio 58 Magento Build

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  • Competitor Research & data Analysis
  • New Navigation Sitemap
  • Wireframes and Protoype
  • Visual Design Proofs
  • Front end HTML & CSS Build

The Original Website

The background was distracting and the gradients were dates aswell as the navigation being cluttered and difficult to browse.

The Sitemap

Based on all the rearch I created a new nvaigation structure where a user can search by 'hair length', 'colour', 'fitting technique' or 'hair type'. The new structure allows a much easier funnel to the products.

The Wireframes

Taking all the research gathered I then created a set of wireframes and a prototype to show the customer what content will be displayed in each area.

The Homepage

The homepage layout included the direct funnels in the top section with a 'hair extension finder' to quickly find a product. The offer of the month is great as this is also tied into email marketing campaigns. We included an area of text on the homepage at the bottom as a user is unlikely to read this but is great for SEO and previously they did not have this.

Product - Course Layout

For this website I had to create a few different playouts for the product based based on whether tit was a trade customer, retail customer and what they were purchasing. they wanted to get customers to buy more than one hair extension method when booking a course so I included a discount when adding multiple courses to the basket.

Product Hair - Trade Customer

From the research I noticed that retail customers were buying just one colour but trade customers wanted to purchase many colours of the same range so having the same layout just would not fit. By created a layout for adding multiple colours within the same section for trade customers this has improved the customer experience by not forcing to customer to go backwards and forward throguh different products.

Trade & Retail Login

We created a seperate signup form for trade of retail customers which can be approved by the admin and seperated into customer groups. Based on the amount a trade customer spends per month they can be moved into various groups and different prices can be displayed. Trade customers can also re-order previous purchases which is a great feature!

Product Filters

The customer can now filter by length, colour etc and can see nice colour swatches to help them choose!

The Blog

Studio58 were trying to blog on their previous platform but it was not integrated. They can now easily add new blog posts to engage with their customers.

Quick View Modal

Navigating away from a page can be frustrating for a customer going back and forth so I implemented a modal into the design with a short overview of the product allowing them to also purchase from here.

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